Thursday, November 26, 2009

Where Can I get NON permanent Hair Dye!!!?

Im In 7th grade and i want to get my hair red.but it has to be non permanent and not damage my hair..i want a sorta red color .i have dark brown hair.i already tried loreal color pulse concentrated kinda worked but u can only see it in the sun light i wanted to it show every where .so help non permanent!!

Where Can I get NON permanent Hair Dye!!!?

hmm, i was going to suggest the color pulse.. but i think the reason it didnt work was because of how dark your hair is normally. so your probably going to need somthing that just coats your hair, maybe somthing that washes out in a day =/ the color pulse would only work if you lightened your real hair, and that would cause terrible damage.

you could try color flirt from clairol. it might work? or you could try the wash out kinds like got 2 be or bed head color gels.

also since halloween is coming up they have the spray can colors, (they make your hair very sticky though. )

try a second application of the color pulse and see what happens? (even if it doesnt work itll condition your hair like crazy.)

(all of the products i mention you can get from any store like wal mart, target or wallgreens)

good luck =]

Where Can I get NON permanent Hair Dye!!!?

Walgreens, Wal Mart, any big box store really.

Where Can I get NON permanent Hair Dye!!!?

Walgreens has this non permanent hair dye. I used it and it washed out in 8-12 days.

Where Can I get NON permanent Hair Dye!!!?

I don't remember what it's called but there is this bottle of hair color shampoo........grey bottle with pink letters I believe.........It's a temporary shampoos out with each shampoo........but it will get your hair REAL red.

Where Can I get NON permanent Hair Dye!!!?

It's not showing up because your hair is so dark. Honestly, all you're going to get with a semi-permanent dye is a "highlight" effect.

However, you could try Manic Panic. What I did was apply it with a tint brush (they're about 1.00 at Sally Beauty Supply) really evenly over all of my hair. I put a plastic bag over it, let it sit for an hour, and blasted it with the hair dryer once every 10 minutes or so.

I used Vampire Red and I got color like a Dr. Pepper can (I have dark brown hair and did not bleach it before applying). I'm warning you now though, apply it carefully because it will stain anything it touches. Get yourself plenty of gloves. And be prepared to scrub the tub when you rinse it out.

I know it sounds like a lot of work, but honestly, it's one of the few ways you're going to get visible red color from a semi-perm dye.

Oh yeah, you can get MP at any Sally, and possibly Hot Topic. You can use anything similar (like Special Effects or Punky Colors) but I prefer MP. Good luck.

Where Can I get NON permanent Hair Dye!!!?

u can get non permanant hair dye from ur local chemist.......

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