Sunday, November 29, 2009

Is it good to use Loreal Vive shampoo?

I bought Loreal Vive and mask ,I wanted to know if Loreal Vive shampoo is good for hair.Can i have any bad effect from this shampoo.I don`t want after a year to have hair loss from this shampoo.Is it good to use?

Is it good to use Loreal Vive shampoo?

I've always trusted Loreal for every shampoo they've made. I'd say go ahead. Vive is just Loreal with lots of good hair minerals and stuffs!

Is it good to use Loreal Vive shampoo?

I've used it and it's really good. But I've used in a place where the climate is hot. I don't know if the weather has a bearing on the effect of whether it can dry up the hair. but it works well in hot climates.

Sometimes, mild baby shampoo is a lot better to use. also, it is better to just shampoo your hair twice a week. shampooing everyday can dry up your hair and scalp. for the rest of the days, washing with plain water and brushing will keep your hair and scalp in good condition. Just don't forget to rinse thoroughly after shampooing.

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