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Best Home Deep Conditioning Treatment?

I recently dyed my hair a dark brown at home using Loreal Superior Preference (yes I know dying my hair at home isn't good for my hair but school has forced myself to adhere to a budget!) I absolutely love the colour-saving conditioner they provided for me but unfortunately I'm about to run out. I'm in need of a deep conditioner to replace what I currently have since I don't think it's possible to buy the conditioner they provide seperatley. Any suggestions?

I'm willing to spend a little extra cash, but only if it's *really* worth it. I'm looking for value for money here.

Ps: I already know about the olive oil thing, no need for a million responses with that answer. ;-) :-P

Thanks in advance. :-)

Best Home Deep Conditioning Treatment?

Aussie Moist and Aussie 3 Minute Miracle are very good. You can buy them at CVS, Target, most grocery stores for like $4-$5.

If your hair is really dry, you might want to get some Joico K-Pac. It's really good. I put it on after I wet may hair and sleep in it once a week (Blond fried hair here) and it makes all the difference in the world. I made a pillowcase out of a beach towel so I don't get conditioner all over everything, and then the next morning I shampoo and use Aussie Moist.

My hair is super soft and my hairdresser said it's the nicest/softest hair she's ever seen. Considering all the color, foils, blow drying and flat ironing we do to it, it can only be the conditioners that are keeping it so nice. I totally attribute it to using the Aussie products and sleeping in Joico K-Pac.

It would be nice if they just SOLD that kind of conditioner that comes with the home hair coloring kit, wouldn't it? I love that stuff, too! Whenever I color my moms hair I steal that conditioner from her, she doesn't ever use it.

Best of luck to you, take care.

Best Home Deep Conditioning Treatment?

Oh good! I'm glad you like it! That K Pac is going to blow your mind! Report It

Best Home Deep Conditioning Treatment?

I recommend to just look through a 17 magazine because they give you a lot of tips on how to do your hair. Good Luck!


Best Home Deep Conditioning Treatment?

Paul Mitchelle has a colour saving conditioner i forgot what it is called now but its great id also recomment buying a clour saving shampoo aswell so as the colour doesnt fade!

Best Home Deep Conditioning Treatment?

you should try putting mayo on your hair. it is amazing conditioner. use it like a conditioning mask .you will love your hair after that.

try to buy a mayo which doesn't have a lot of preservatives or you could make your own. this is a really cost effective method. you have to wash your hair with vinegar after that to get rid of the mayo's smell.

use this mayo conditioner once a month and the rest of the month use dove shampoo for coloured hair. the shampoo rally leves your hair soft and protectes the colour

Best Home Deep Conditioning Treatment?

Try a home henna treatment...they're great and make hair shine and healthy looking , it's fine for color treated hair and is great conditioning.

Best Home Deep Conditioning Treatment?

Redken Deep Fuel ($16 for five treatments) for once a week deep conditioning. Aussie's 3 minute miracle ($3) for daily treatment (just mix in a little with your regular conditioner that has a color protectant). Also, you can mix in a little bit of honey with your color protectant shampoo for an extra boost of moisture.

Best Home Deep Conditioning Treatment?

i recommend v05 fade defy shampoo %26amp; conditioner - it really protects your hair colour and conditions your hair well too; and also John Frieda Frizzease Miraculous Recovery Sachets - I use a sachet once a week after shampooing %26amp; conditioning my hair and I noticed a difference after the first wash (sorry to sound clich鑼卍 but it's true!) - my hair felt lighter, stronger and much silkier.

Both products are very affordable and made by reputable brands, and I think they've won some awards too. I'd really recommend them!

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