Thursday, November 26, 2009

What do you think?

Well, I found a dye that will turn your hair blond (i guess?) it's, loreal paris Excellence Blonde Supremes and Preference Les Blondissimes, which one do you think will be better? (i currently have light brown hair, was originally dyed medium brown, but it faded) have you ever used one of these products?

and what do you think i should do with my eyebrows? i don't want it to look harsh... get a tan or something? lighten my eyebrows? (how do i lighten my eyebrows?)

thank you

What do you think?

do a strand test with the color to see if it will work and do not put anything on your brows........

What do you think?

just bleach your hair and make sure it's quick and that you use heat[blowdryer].

you can never go wrong with it, because you can bleach it at different like stages of blonde.

[ex:if you don't like caramel, then apply more heat wait and see] and if you don't like it well, deep condtion and dye it adifferent color.

warning:bleach takes all color out of your hair and it can do some serious damage only if you are stupid and over process it...but so is hair dye.

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