Thursday, November 26, 2009

L'oreal Paris Exelence cream???

Ok I got this Loreal exelence cream ( it's a hair dye ) Light ash brown...Anyways I dyed my hair like 4 weeks ago ( from a kinda straberry blonde to a med-brown with %26amp; little red in it ) %26amp; didnt like it because it was to dark %26amp; turned my hair Copper-ish...So Anyway Now it's pretty red with a bit of brown %26amp; I was wondering what it will prb look like when it's done.

Will it take the red out %26amp; such??? Thanks!!!

L'oreal Paris Exelence cream???

If your hair was naturally blonde, the hair color will turn it lighter and lighter until you dye it again. So, pretty soon you will have really light colored red will make your already redish blonde look red-er

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