Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hair prob plzzz?

i hv thick heavy normal to dry hair that are a bit stiff they keep on breakin n i don know what to do shud i change my shampoo ?or some thin else,my fren says that use some kids sorta shampoo i tried but i think such shampoos dont go with my hair i then thot bout dat loreal 1 ( cant remember d rest) i am using herbal clairol now a days. well cud u help give any suggessions ,garnier pantene ur opinion ????

Hair prob plzzz?

Aussie is very good! xxx

Hair prob plzzz?

the first suggestion that i will make get a trim, you must cut a little just to revive your hair! the ends of the hair give important to the whole outcome!

then get hot oil treatments, one that is suitable for your hair type, you can go to the salon and get it done! (do it ever 2 weeks)

buy loreal professional hair mask (called hair repair or something like that) its yellow! very good and it will make your hair noticeably softer!

Use less heat on you hair, less chemicals and if you want to change the color, go darker rather then lighter, because this way you will strip health of your hair!

Good luck sweetie!

Hair prob plzzz?

try Palmolive shampoo and see if that helps

Hair prob plzzz?

well try to use specific shampoos for damaged hair or u can go to the hairdresser to make it thiner for u as a matter of fact i did it tooo

and my hair looks gr8 and it's so easy to controle it and always use hair conditionars after u shampoo ur hair and let it for 3 min and put it from roots to the end

gd luk

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