Thursday, November 26, 2009

Has anyone tried Clairol Brass Free Dye?

I have a golden blonde color to my hair and I usually use Loreal or Clairol...Sometimes they leave my hair a little brassy so I try and use a color with more ash to it, but then I dont like the results...has anyone tried the new Brass Free product? Did you notice a difference? Where can I buy it?

Has anyone tried Clairol Brass Free Dye?

You will absolutely love the new Brass Busters. It's a special shade collection within Miss Clairol Permanent Haircolor that has been specifically formulated to cut brassiness.

You can pick up Brass Busters at your local Sally Beauty Supply store, or any other beauty supply store that carries Miss Clairol.

To find a Sally near you, visit and click on the store locator link.

The Miss Clairol shades specifically formulated to cut out brassiness are:

30D Flaxen blonde (level 9 - very light blonde)

32D Moonhaze (level 6 - dark blonde)

34D Hazy Mist (level 7 - medium blonde)

36D Moonlit Brown (level 5 - lightest brown)

37D Iced Brown (level 4 - light brown)

42D Moongold (level 7 - medium blonde)

46D Chestnut Brown (level 4 - light brown)

Pick a level no more than 3 levels lighter than your natural, for the best results. If you want your hair lighter, I recommend that your base color is no more than 3 levels lighter than your natural. After you complete the base color, add some ash highlights to get an even lighter/more dimensional look.

Best wishes %26amp; Happy Coloring.

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