Thursday, November 26, 2009

Good, long lasting hair dye?

Can anyone recommend a good hair dye that will cover my few greys for more then 3 weeks? Also, something that might lighten my overall hair color (which is dark brown now) to a lighter brown with some highlights. My hair is long so i don't want to use the pull through highlighting cap and the brush on...well lets just say I never do it right!! I don't want to spend a fortune on having it colored and highlighted in a salon. What should I do? Has anyone used the Loreal Experte line that is on the stores? What was your experience like?

Good, long lasting hair dye?

There is a product called root-touchup and it is fantastic ive heard! its by clairol by the way! And sometimes a silver lining is pretty on blondes.

O by the way please answer this question:

(dont worry its just about opinion really)

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