Sunday, November 29, 2009

(#) Summa Blonde (#)?

Afta several dying disasters from dark brown to ginger (im naturally dak blonde) im at a ashy medium blonde with light sections

I havnt dyed it in a few months and I would love to have baby blonde hair (even light ash blonde) are there any dyes that wont make my hair go ginger (as have done in the past)

I been using loreal .. what brands do you recommend.

thanks :D:D:D

(#) Summa Blonde (#)?

Make`sure you keep it Red`baby` i dig it the Most`

(#) Summa Blonde (#)?

Sorry ,no clue.

(#) Summa Blonde (#)?

if you can afford it go see a professional hair stylist, i use to mess around with myhair color, until i found the girl who does my hair, i have dark blonde hair mixed with light brown, so i get highlites to add some additional blonde, especially around the frame of my face, and she also adds brown lowlites, this was it looks even and natural, i love it and it will last for 4 months! good luck, and remember to use good shampoo for color treated hair and a EXCELLENT conditioner

(#) Summa Blonde (#)?

If your hair is going ginger when you color it, that means that the product you are using cannot lighten your hair to the desired blonde shade.

I recommend going to a professional to have this done or go to a local beauty supply store. If you want to do this yourself you will likely need two products.

The first product will be a bleaching agent which can potentially cause a lot of damage to your hair, especially if your hair is fine. This product would have to be timed very carefully. You would put the bleach on your hair and leave it on until the desired degree of lighteness is achieved.

At this stage after you rinse you might look like a lemon head. Like I said, you'll need two products for good results. The bleach will remove pigment, next you need a product that will deposit pigment of the desired shade into your hair.

Choose the shade of haircolor that you want. This is the point at which a box of loreal could do the job but since you're at the beauty supply place anyway get a professional product from there. The mixing will likely be very similar to what you did with the loreal although you may have to do some measuring too.

Let the color process for the recommended time and then rinse and follow up with a good conditioner. You will need to use a good professional shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair looking good.

The drawback to doing this all over bleach/color thing is that you are going to have horrible roots when it starts to grow out. You may want to go with blonde highlights instead. To do this yourself you'll need to pick up a highlighting cap at the beauty supply and have a friend pull some strands of your hair through the cap. Then you can proceed with the bleaching/coloring/conditioning process. At the end when you remove the cap you'll have blonde highlights in your hair and your roots won't be so obvious as your hair grows.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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