Thursday, November 26, 2009

Help!!! my hair !! lol?

well long story...

i am naturally blonde..ish

i died my hair brown (im only 13 by the way)

and i hate it now i have had blonde streaks put in it by the hairdresser and i was going to get them done all over but she did a test on my hair and it broke reall easy so i have to wait for it to get strong to get them in. When enough of my roots come through i want to die it all blonde without my hair falling out!!

I am using loreal expert intense repair conditioner and schwartcopf (or whatever) repair shampoo stuff.

Anyone know about how long it will take for it to get strong enough for the streaks?? ive used it for a week so far and it is a bit stronger!

hellllllppppppp!! please =( xx

Help!!! my hair !! lol?

I am a hairdresser, and believe me when i tell you. ,, if your hair is breaking., it needs to be trimmed often till all that dead hair is gone, and then you can start bleaching it again. dont think in one week, or a month, a miricle will happen. It wont. continue to deep condition your hair, with K-pack, or paul mitchell hair repair, or redken and keep trimming it, or cut it all at once, wear it short, spikey and then you can bleach it, and you might like the short messy look. good luck

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