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My brown dye keeps fading to browny red !?

last month my hairdresser pre lighterned my hair for me, as i used a chocolate brown box colour and suprise suprise it made my hair go a really ugly flat black gothy colour! so we pre lighterned and got it to a yellowy colour. i left it for a week (seemed forever!) and then when it was in better condition put nice n easy golden brown over the colour. it took really well and looked fab. but since ive washed my hair five or six times since its faded to a really light redish brown. my clip in extensions are chocolate brown and i pratically live in them, but they dont match my hair so i want to sort it asap!

i know i've probably dried my hair out with all the bleach and colours, but i reeeally need my choc brown hair back! i realise that this is the bleach coming through, so my question is. do i use one of the loreal gloss semi perm colours, or just use a few more perm dyes until it stays brown, also - are semi perm hair dyes less harsh and dont make your hair go much darker then the box?

My brown dye keeps fading to browny red !?

Hi right first things first, semi permenants are better for your hair than permentants anyday.

As for the the dye washing out to a reddy colour this is because like you said its the bleach coming throught underneat and also the goldness showing thorugh from the colour it has mixed in with the hair dye you put on. No permenant hair dye last for more than too weeks and you will always experiance it fading out to a orangy colour, So in the long run its easeir and better for your hair to use a semi permentant as these las just as long and wash out, so say if you wanted to go a different colour, you would just have to wait for it too wash out rather than have to get it stripped out all over again. If you had the chcolate brown put on over your prelightened hair it will be very hair to get the exact same colour again, unless you prelighten and start again which is not a good idea for you hair at all.

If you ever ever get a hair dye and think its too dark you will get used to if after about a week and it will also fade to a light brown over time. and you wont get a reddy colour so soon afterwards.

I dyed my hair with Live colours bitter sweet chocolate and im not kidding you its black with tones of a chcoclate brown colour, after anout 3 weeks the black had faded and I had my chocolate brown colour I wanted.

As long as you keep dyeing your either a permenat or semi, most of the times you hair extensions wont even match as like you have witnessed hair colour fades and your hair colour on your hair extensions doesnt.

I would recommend you using the semi as if you want to keep the colour then get the chcolate brown colour as close as you can get it too you hair extensions, it might take a few goes as like it says on the box depending on the colour of your hair as it is no, is to what colour that hair dye will go. If you manage to get the colour, it wont matter if you use a semi permenanat hair dye as you can just keep applying as soon as it fades, and it wont be permenat so the colour wont be sticking to the prevous permenant hair colour you have applyied which is when you will notice the problems start.

I have just used a nice and easy 6-8 wash ones as im trying to grow my hair ou and im in the last stages where I can cope with colour as the Live colour hair dye is washing out loads and Im getting my orange deep red bits again from where I prelightened it ages ago. I didnt want to put a permenant one on as from just using the Live colour one my hair was wrecked. So I got a dark brown in the nice and easy applyed it yesterday and its a brilliant colour, and if it last 6-8 washes if your no one of those people that wash there hair everyday just every other day then it should last up to 4 weeks which is way longer than out of a normal permenant hair dye.

A word of warning though nice and easy does go on dark but after a few washed it willl be light. Casting are also very good or movida you will find these go like they say on the box. if you get the right on for you hair,

My brown dye keeps fading to browny red !?

brunette sux red is better so if u want it brunette make it hazel brunette cause hazel brunette is the only good brunette but red is better so watevs Report It

My brown dye keeps fading to browny red !?

When you wash your hair use warn water not hot i always wash with warm or luke warm good luck

My brown dye keeps fading to browny red !?

That happened to me when i died my hair dark brown.. I think its just what happens when you use cheap hair dye from the shops! If you want it to stay longer your should get it died at the hair dressers.. and also use a shampoo and conditioner that is specialised for dyed hair! xXx

My brown dye keeps fading to browny red !?

buy a fade defy shampoo and conditioner they work really really well and you hair will grow out before it fades out.

You can find these in your supermarket and they not very expencive either.

My brown dye keeps fading to browny red !?

You need to use semi permenant dye only. Select a light ash brown, as ash will help counteract red. Don't be scared it will go the wrong color, you have my assurance it will not. You may need to do this every once in a while. Dyed brown hair has a tendancy to fade to red, because it is brown's "underlying pigment".

My brown dye keeps fading to browny red !?

i think you should go 2 shades darker or go back to the hairdresser an get them to fill your hair then colour it. when they fill your hair they put a pigment spray onto it then colour it.

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