Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hair dye correction question?

I tried dyeing my hair platinum blonde with Loreal Les Blondissimes (over the counter box dye-permanent hair color). My natural hair color is a dark ash blonde. It didn't turn out platinum. It turned out an orangy/golden/brassy blonde which I hate. If I go to a salon, how can this be corrected? Will they most likely have to bleach my entire head to strip out the old permanent color and then re-color it with a new permanent hair color to get it platinum? Or will they put in bleach highlights to break up the brassy color?

Hair dye correction question?

Just keep dying and bleaching your hair til you get it right.

Hair dye correction question?

hmm u can go and talk to them about, im sure you can work out something you`ll like. good luck!

Hair dye correction question?

As a hairstylist I'm gonna tell you to talk to your stylist.

Without actually visually knowing first hand what your natural haircolor or your existing haircolor is it is really hard to let you know what the necessary steps to correct would be.

Not to lecture but this is why hairstylists love home box colors, if you had gone to a stylist this could have been done pretty easily now it will probably cost more to correct it.


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