Thursday, November 26, 2009


Are there any good semipermenant hair color brands out there other then Loreal? I want to dye my hair black, but not permanently! I used the Loreal pulse electric black but it turned my hair more purple than black. I didn't care, it looked cool, but I really just want black, not some other color! If you can help, that would be great!


i dont know if there are any other semipermanent brands, but i do know that there isnt much difference between semipermanent and permanent... they both fade the same and everything.

i would just do an at home permanent kit, because in reality, thats going to be the same intensity and you'll get the same results as you would in a salon with a semi-permanent color.

since your going darker than your natural color, IT WILL COME OUT over a couple months (tops), trust me, because you aren't bleaching it.


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