Sunday, November 29, 2009

L'oreal color pulse?

i have very light mousy brown hair with bits of natural blonde highlights and i bought loreal color pulse in funky cherry. i plan i dying only the tips of my hair but i was wondering, does it work. and my mom said i can only use temporary hair dye but i heard if you straighten your hair a lot after you use it will it last longer. so yeah, pretty much any tips would be appreiciated. thanks!

L'oreal color pulse?

First of all, do NOT shampoo for as long as possible after the initial coloring to give dye time to adhere to cuticle. The same goes with heat styling, try to limit blow drying and straightening in first 48 hrs. I don't know where you heard about the straightening, but it is wrong, continued exposure to heat fades color faster. Other than this, the only thing you can do is try to shampoo as little as possible with a color safe adn gentle shampoo (even baby shampoo). Also deep condition once a week. If you can find a leave in conditioner that has spf that will help with sun fading. That is all you can do really.

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