Thursday, November 26, 2009

Straighted damaged hair.?

i straighten my hair usually every 2 days and sometimes everyday. i use loreal heat protectent too. but now my hairs starting to feel damaged and dry. what can i do to my hair over the summer to make it go back to the soft hair i had.

i heard baby oil, olive oil, aussie 3 minute treatment, dove shampoo work. i have never tried these things so i was wondering if someone can tell me what can i do for my damaged hair.

also is the chi straightener better for your hair then other ceramic ones? and what are other great heat protectant products?

instead of straightening sometimes i think just scrunching it looks nice but it still gets kinda frizz. idk why.

thanks for all the help!

Straighted damaged hair.?

what you need to do right now is read :


1) Alcoholism

2) FIA (flat Iron addiction)

3) Anorexia/Bullimia

4) Smoking Weed

5) Boxed Hair ColorKits

6) Crash Dieting

7) Shampoo with SLS in ingredients

8) Stressful daily living

9) NO exercise

10) Bleach overlapping

These are proven by my clinic

and it sounds as though # 2 is a problem for you......

you must get rid of the flat Iron.

I know that's hard to hear but it is a new problem....and one that has reached epidemic proportions.

Try this:

Put it away for one month.

Deep 'overnight' condition your hair 1 - 2 nights every it explains on my blog

in 30 days email me, and tell me what the difference is.

Straighted damaged hair.?

don't forget to cut your split ends...

Straighted damaged hair.?

I have the same problem as you do. I have to straighten my hair almost every day, otherwise my hair will go puffy and kinky. Its so anooying because my hair isnt naturally straight.

I think it is best to sometimes leave off the straightening irons and put loads of leave in conditioner through the hair to nourish the hair in hot weather. Tie the hair in a ponytail and put lots of spray throught the ends.

Im not sure whether chi are the best. I heard GHD are good although i dont own a pair, but i though that all straighteners damage the hair, so im confused. I think ceremaic are the best, so dont get thermoplastic ones or anything else.

Coconut oil condioner is said to be very god for dry/damaged hair. You might also want to try garnier fructus fortyfying shampoos/ conditioners as well as well as a deep condiioning intensive treatment mask. Most brands do one of these.

Straighted damaged hair.?

I have the same problem. I used VIVE PRO (the light pink glossy pearl one) for medium to long damaged hair shampoo %26amp; conditioner. I have to straighten my hair almost every day and I use one of the heat protectants from regis salon that i got at a hair cutting salon.

PS. I have a chi straightener and it's not that great.

Straighted damaged hair.?

Hair straightening always leads to damage if you don't give the proper care that your hair needs. I used to straighten my hair every day for 2 weeks, and immediately I noticed a change in the moisture of my hair. My hair was dry and brittle and split ends began forming. I tried a lot of different products and different straightening strategies on my hair, but only a few worked.

The best one was deep conditioning. Deep conditioning is a process in which you apply a deep hair conditioner (preferably Frizz-Zero Hair Deep Conditioning Treatment by John Freida) to your damp after you shampoo your hair. You have to massage it from the roots of your hair to the ends. Wait 10 minutes with the conditioner in your hair, then rinse it out. This works very well. Deep conditioning is a process that revitalizes your dry, damaged hair and gives it the proper nutrients to restore it. You will definitely notice the difference and not feel guilty about straightening your hair.

Also, about your hair straightener problem, I know that a Sedu Hair straightener iis very effective and leaves your hair smoothe and silky and moist. The problem is that these straighteners are usually over 200 dollars, which is why the hair damaging straighteners are usually cheaper.

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