Thursday, November 26, 2009

Help with my tons of questions?

well instead asking a lot questions at different times and losing points i just deceided to this! lol:P please answer as many as u can!? 1. How do you lose weight in a non excersing way? 2. How do you get rid of fat under your armpits? 3. How do you get rid of discolouration on your skin? 4. How do u get rid of eyecircles? 5. What's the best deodrant that doesn't give you bumps under your armpits? 6. People in my church don't like me how do i get them to like me %26amp; i tried being nice but it didn't work? 7 after u put the cucumber on your eyes for 5 mins do you eat it after or through it away? 8 I hate my hair it's puffy, curly, wavy, and damaged i need to fix and when i use an iron i am happy with my hair but i want natural shiny, healthy, straight hair how do i get it? 9 Is Loreal Paris a good brand for hair if not what is!?

10How can you get really soft skin? 11Is Olay a good brand for soap? 12. What's really good lotion? Can u guys suggest me non expensive stuff for lotions %26amp; etc...

Help with my tons of questions?

1. Drink lots of water especially before meals so you will already be slightly full AND eat will feel full faster. 2. do pushups 3. idk 4. put frozen peas on them in the morning or cold cucumbers. 5. Secret or Adidas 6. idk 7. either i guess 8. get a deep conditioning repairing masque for your hair or get it done at the spa then use a non-harmful straightner like chi ceramic or get it chemically straightened. 9. Yes it is, but also brilliant brunette or sheer blonde or radiant redhead by John Frieda 10. Put on lots of lotion especially right after you shower. 11. Yes it is. 12. Olay body quench!!

Help with my tons of questions?

1. moderate eating, drink a lot of water, eat breakfast because it kick starts your metabolism, and don't sleep right after you eat.

2. has exercises, go to the site, click on exercise guides, and then the upper chest exercises will help with that.

3. keeping it healthy, no smoking, a healthy diet helps too. There are also creams...if its really bad, you might want to see a Dr.

4. Sleep with your head elevated, stay away from sugar and alcohol, also you can try sticking either chamomile or black tea bags in boiling water, then let them cool and put them on your eyes.

5. I really like Dove deodorant, I also noticed that deodorants with fragrance make mine bumpy.

6. Why go to a church where people don't like you? They don't sound very nice.

7. I think I'd throw it away

8.You can get your hair straightened at a salon (like a perm) but it probably isn't good for it. I like a Garnier Fructis product...I think its called sleek and shine.

9. Depends on your hair. I like herbal essence.

10. Baby Oil or lotion, I use St Ives.

11. I have no idea...Aveeno is a really good brand, but its expensive.

12. St. Ives or Aveeno are really good lotions. St Ives is cheaper.

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