Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hair dying Question?

I have dark brown hair, but when I'm in the sun you can see blondish sheens (I'm guessing from when I highlighted my hair blonde years ago...) %26amp; I want to get rid of the sheen %26amp; go for an all-over dark brown colour.

1) Seeing as my hair is like a darkish brown already, if I apply more dark brown colour on, will my hair turn out practically black? The loreal recital preference dye in shade 'brasilia' is the colour I want to go for - a dark velvety brown, but I'm afraid applying it will make me look like something out of the Adams family.

2) I'm gonna dye my hair at home: which hair dyes would you recommend from personal experiance? I'm heading towards loreal recital preference, but if you guys have any better brands then let me know =)

Hair dying Question?

I dont think that it will make a massive difference, just give your hair more depth and make the blonde less noticeable.

Nice n easy is a good brand

Hair dying Question?

keep it

Hair dying Question?

wel first off i owuld never use a box color

only get stuff from a beauty supply store

second use a good color with OUT a gold base

this will make sure that it is a dark color

it will cancel out that sheen and will make it one color

if you use a box its possible more then not that it will get messed up to become a black

Hair dying Question?

it may go very dark on the darker parts of your hair, so cut a few strands from the dark part of your hair, mix up a very small amount of the dye and test it on the strands youve cut, then youll be able to see the result you will get.

I personally really like Herbal Essences dyes, they cover really well and they smell nice unlike alot of hair dyes around.

Good luck, and dont forget to do a skin test to make sure the dye dosent cause an adverse reaction on your skin

Hair dying Question?

just go to the hairdressers andhave lowlights done.

Hair dying Question?

Do not try at home

Hair dying Question?

If your worried about your hair turning out black then don't dye it at home consult the hairdressers about it they will tell you whats best.....x

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