Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blue tinged Blonde?

My friend colors my hair blond for me when I need my roots done, I always use the same color. Sometimes myhair gets a light blue hue that takes a few washings to get out,, is there anyway to avoid this or rinse it out? I use Loreal Ultra light Ashe Blonde, my hair is light brown natuarally.

Blue tinged Blonde?

i havent heard of thisd before x

go to the chemist where you bought the dye or a hairdresser as they are more likely to know

Blue tinged Blonde?

blue is used in lighter shades of ash to take your hair to blonde. garnier fructris has good light light blonde colors. there probably isn't a lot of natural red in your hair is there? the blue is used to cancel out the red, and if you don't have a lot of red... it's just depositing the blue. try and find one without the ash in it. that will solve your problem!

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