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White Hair Dye?

Does anybody know where I can purchase white hair dye and/or which brand does it (eg. Loreal etc..) I would usually use Schwarzkopf hair dyes because they always give me the disered look but they dont do white :(. anybody know which UK store i could find it in? (eg. Boots or a Pharmacy?)

White Hair Dye?

There is no WHITE HAIR DYE...I mean you can buy that wash out spray that just leaves a coating of white on your, but it'll wash out as soon as you shower.

If you want white white hair you're going to have to bleach it. And bleaching hair that much is very damaging. It's off the charts and it will cause breakage on the hair.

But if you really want it then that's what you are going to have to do.

good luck with everything bro = )

White Hair Dye?

You don't keep bleaching it, you bleach it to yellow and then cancel out the yellow with violet toner to create the white. Report It

White Hair Dye?

yeah that sounds sexy im a girl

White Hair Dye?

People get white hair by bleaching it past anything the manufacturer would recommend. I used to work at Clairol, and the two stages we'd recommend was yellow like the outside of a banana, or pale yellow, like the inside. (Which you went for depended on which toner you were planning to put on top of the hair to get a more natural shade. If you don't want a natural shade, that's a whole other thing.) I suspect even those shades were pretty hard on the hair, and white would pretty much weaken the hair strands by taking out all the pigment. If you go ahead, don't do any other process on your hair (straightening or curling via chemicals) or you'll probably fry your hair. If you want to go darker again, don't just pop a darker dye over your hair as is, or you'll get a color not found in nature. (And not a good one.) Call the toll-free consumer hotline of the brand you use, if there is one. You might want to call a hotline before you bleach to white, but they might advise you not to.

Good luck!

White Hair Dye?

White huh? Well, you can't actually dye your hair white. You can only bleach it out so much it turns white. As for bleaching your hair white I would have a professional do it or else it might turn a nasty yellow or your hair might even fall out.

White Hair Dye?

As others have said, you will definately have to bleach your hair and then add a tint if that is what you prefer.

It is harder to bleach red hair than dark hair and dark hair should be bleached in stages to avoid damaging the hair as much as possible. Dark hair goes through stages with repeated bleaching. Black hair initially becomes red, then orange followed by yellow and finally white.

Bleached hair has a yellow tinge to it because of the natural structure of hair, which is mainly a-keratin which is naturally a pale yellow.

The more frequently bleach is applied, the drier hair becomes, moisturising hair after bleaching is a must.

That is the technical bit. It depends a lot on the effect you are looking for in your hair, whether a color tint would be better, or leaving your hair stripped provides the effect you are after.

The darkness of your hair will dictate the strength of solution you need to strip your hair back to white.

White Hair Dye?

Hey man i am bleaching my hair coz i also want white hair, im black and obvcourse have black hair, im on my 6th bleach and hair is still on my scalp lol, its a very yellow pale color at the mo and some of the hair is looking quite white. i think ill need about 2/3 more bleaches then ill be able to tone it white.

but to answer your question what you have to do is get any bleach prolly about 30vol will be okay. bleach your hair and wait about 2-3 days be4 u bleach it again. during those 2-3 days u will need to condition you hair like twice a day to keep you hair strong.

Im using Aussie 3minute miracle and it works pretty good, the conditioner in the bleaching kit seem to work pretty good as well.

Once you get to the stage where you hair looks like a rly rly rly pale yellow colour i mean REALLY pale yellow you can use a white toner, i have bought Manic Panic virgin snow toner and it seems to work for other people. this shop sells it

hopefully the toner will work. Ill post another comment by wed i think should have it white ( i hope ) bye then.

You also need a cap/hat or alot of balls, coz if you hair is black the 1st bleach will make it a horrible ginger color, dont be frightened by that it will get more lighter and yellowy with each bleach, so if your the kinda person who does not like people making fun at you, wear a hat when you are out and about.

Oh yeah always do the strand test and all that **** to make sure you are not allegic to the hair dye.

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