Friday, June 18, 2010

Haircolor fiasco!?

Tried to cover some grays with a permanent color: Loreal Couleur Experte in Dark Ash. It looked great until I did the highlighting step included in the kit. My hair is way too brassy--yellow and orange hues. QUESTIONS: Can I recolor with the same stuff and skip the highlight part? Can I do this the next day after I colored my hair the first time? Would a toner be more appropriate? Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I will get the clippers and cut all of it off if I can't fix hair's already short anyway.)

Haircolor fiasco!?

OK. Yes you can re color over this. You will want to stay in the ash series because it will help cut the red tones. I would not go with a dark ash because the lighter pieces of hair might grab the green hue in the ash. What is your natural color? Try a medium ash brown blonde in a semi ~ permanent color. It will help tone down what you have and still leave a few high lights. It is really hard to help when I can not see your hair. You can always go into your local shop and have it fixed, or ask for some advice.

Good Luck

Haircolor fiasco!?

Dyeing your hair at home can sometimes be a disaster. I DEFINITELY wouldn't recommend trying to dye your hair again or anything like that. Although it sucks, you can either wait it out or...

just go to the hair salon. They might be able to take the dye out of your hair for you, even though that might not be fun either... this might make your hair dry. But I would recommend giving them a call and telling them what happened. Good luck!!!

Haircolor fiasco!?

yes u can use the same color 2 fix it ,but the hilighted pieces will be slighty different than the rest which is kinda cool since natural hair has different shades running thru it any way,just moisturized after at least twice a week with a deep conditioner

Haircolor fiasco!?

I did the same thing once-- same product and all. I reapplied the highlighter on the brassy parts because I figured that it hadn't stripped my hair of color fully-- big mistake!!! My hair was orange.

I went to a hairdresser who suggested a toner. My hair was too fried to do anything else. The toner helped to diminish the brassiness.

I spent a few weeks super-conditioning my hair then went to a color correctionist and had all-over color applied.

It was a huge nightmare especially because I botched the initial color job two days before traveling to my brother's wedding.

Lesson learned: leave hair color to the experts.

For now, I suggest you use a toner while you work on getting your hair in good condition before you put more harsh treatments on it. Make sure to keep the box of hair color that you used. The hairdresser will want to see the ingredients.

Good luck!

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