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When it comes to coloring hair, can two different hair dyes be used?

Am thinking of coloring my hair. When useing a home hair coloring kit, can two different color tones be used on my hair? Like for example, coloring the upper part of my head of hair a darker color and the lower back part of my hair a lighter color on lower section of the head. Any good tips or good ideas from anyone out there taht knows hair dyeing techniques? I want to do this myself, if I can. Dont have the funds to go to a beauty parlor. I am wanting to use the Loreal hair color. Dark colors. The person that can come up with the most helpful advice will be chosen, but please,without all the links and the "go to this web page and that web page", type of stuff. Can anyone help with good positive input on this? Please. Thanks so much.

When it comes to coloring hair, can two different hair dyes be used?

yes you can and i will give you as much information as i possible can but first you will need to tell me how long is the hair

have you any colours in it (and i mean at all in the past few years even temporary ones)

when did you last have it cut

what is the natural colour

what colour are you going to use on it

you could if you like go to the parlor and ask them if you can view the colour chart and pick out the colours that you like and tell me them with the other information i can give you professional advice and a few tips on how to best achieve a great outcome

mail me here to and i will do what i can to help

When it comes to coloring hair, can two different hair dyes be used?

You will need a friend's help. Part and separate the top and bottom sections of your hair. Make sure the part is even. You're going for edgy, not messy. Color the top section of you hair first. Be vigilant that it doesn't drip on bottom section. Lean forward to rinse WELL (clear water). Pin up top section. Do same to bottom except lean back to rinse.

When it comes to coloring hair, can two different hair dyes be used?

ok, yes two colors aas long as they are close in the colors it will work. but remember something, if you mix a dark color and a lite color, mostly the darker color will take more power and the color of your hair will probably be darker than lighter.

what i would suggest you to do is the following. dye your hair with the darker shade first. then wait a week. then pay a color which matchs the one you have on your head, just slightly lighter. then dye your hair again and see what happens. if the hair color is still too dark and you want it lighter, again wait another week and try a lighter color again.

also instead of the loreal dark colors, in a drug store or large discount stores, they carry color kits that bring the color plus a set for highlights. you can try this too. you dye the hair and then just before put the highlight parts on the hair and follow the directions.

When it comes to coloring hair, can two different hair dyes be used?

I think the best way to achieve this is to section the hair into 2 sections exactly the way you want to color it. I would apply the lighter color first because your lifting and depositing color. Separate the two sections with foil or a plastic cap. Do the top section and watch the process time for both applications. The darker color you can apply from root to end the lighter color you have to apply to shaft (middle) first then go back and apply to roots and pull through the ends. (usually about 20-25 minutes after application. Good Luck

When it comes to coloring hair, can two different hair dyes be used?

You can use two different dyes if you're going to color your hair in this method. First make sure both colors are by the same company. Section your hair really well because you don't want them to mix together. I really suggest you do the lighter color on the bottom first then wait 3 days and do the darker one on top. I say this for three reasons

1) Usually when you go lighter the color has a bleaching agent in it (especially blond) and you definetly don't want to mix this with a dark color

2) when you rinse the colors out you dont want them to mix and you end up with streaky hair. It's always easier to see the front and top of your head than it is the back

and 3) you don't want your hair to fall out!!!

Mixing colors will definetly do that. If you let me know what two colors you're going to do I can walk you through it step by step. OH! I am a licensed cosmetologist. Have been for 10 years now and one of my specialties is color.

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