Friday, June 18, 2010

Question about hair conditioning?

Natural oils like coconut, olive, they too act as conditioners, right?

So if I give my hair a sort of hot oil treatment using them twice a week (each time before I wash them), and shampoo them afterwards (I use Dove if that matters), do I still need to use a conditioner afterwards?

I mean, should I or should I stop using it? Do I really need to?

The oil thing is really improving my hair texture.

currently I'm using loreal's elvive conditioner, and I'm not quite sure about how good it is. I feel it does nothing "much" to my hair, as compared to oiling before headwash.

Question about hair conditioning?

Yes, any type of kitchen cooking oil works really well with your hair.

What I do is I apply warm olive oil on my dry hair and then I wash it out (only my roots).

It works great for me!

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