Friday, June 18, 2010

Men's Shampoo!???

my hair looks really great nowadays...the dandruff is gone and its silky too...but the only problem is that this is achieved by using loreal vive dandruff shampoo for men? now since im a female is it ok for me to use shampoo formulated for men?? is it the same thing as say using a mens razor or shave gel???? the individual strands of my hair are really thin but theres a LOT of i give the appearence of having thick hair...but can the shampoo damage my hair in the long run....besides the embarassment of using men's shampoo is there any adverse effect that this can have on me????

Men's Shampoo!???

Don't Think So..Unfortunately, Advertisers just label products into Men and Women categories. In reality, it is the same substance just different labeling. I wouldn't worry. Who cares if you use Mens products. I use Women's razors for a closer shave. Who Gives a ****!@!@

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