Friday, June 18, 2010

Hair emergency ?

I have recently shifted to pune. The Climate here has effect both my hair and skin, they have become unbelievably dry. By using a good body loation I have restored my skin to normal but my hair閳?I m not getting any good results this department. I tried Loreal閳ユ獨 shampoo and conditioner for dry hair and still nothing. I even message my hair with hair oil and keep it overnight. Plz help

Hair emergency ?

i think dove shampoo and conditioner help my hair a lot. and using Silk after showering can also keep your hair normal

Hair emergency ?

use dove zero damage shampoo with conditioner, it will definitely prove good results!

masage ur hair wid coconut oil, keep it for 3 hrs, then wash ur hair with this shampooo! it will become normal!

Hair emergency ?

Have you tried mashing an avacado and putting it in your hair mixed with mayonaise? I know it sounds gross, but try it.

Hair emergency ?

Try Thermasilk...

or something like that.

Thats what i use and its really good.

Or just buy any kinda shampoo

for dry hair. It should work.

Hair emergency ?

Garnier Fructis conditions and repairs damaged hair. I have used and found that their products work great on my hair. I switched conditioner with Herbal Esence and wasn't happy with the results. Although I though their products smelled better than Garnier, it completely dried out my hair.

I would say Garnier because they even have a conditioning mask that makes your hair healthy and strong. =]

hope I helped!

閳?br>Hair emergency ?

KKK this may sound gross but just try not to wash your hair that often like if your not going any where for awhile or don't need to dress up don't wash it! And maybe rubbing some body lotion into your hair every other day might work. I know it gets rid of static!

Hair emergency ?

oh my gosh some of peoples advice lol. Anyways there are some really good shampoos and conditoners for this the ones I would recomend are all professional but this is what I think is the best for your situation.

Redken Smooth brown bottle buy the treatment also if I got the name a little wrong I know its the only redken product in a brown bottle. I would also recomend Joico K-pak line of products. I promise u u wouln't be disappointed

Hair emergency ?

Don't wash it every day.

Avoid hair products with alcohol in them.. it will dry your hair out really badly.

Three minute miracle by Aussie is amazing for hydrating. Anything aussie is good. I curl my hair a lot and I use their mousse with leave-in conditioner.

Herbal Essence Hello Hydration- AWESOME

Avoid pantene. their products contain wax and literally will leave wax on your hair.

If you straighten your hair with a flat iron.. try not to do it so often and if you do, use sprays to protect your hair.

Leave in conditioners while your hair is still pretty wet.

I had the same problem and my hair is in great condition

Hair emergency ?

Dont go for too many shampoos try using milk ,Massage milk in scalp leave for 20 min and rince your hair

Hair emergency ?

Please not the hair cannot absorb home remedies into the cortex due to the size of the molecule in these raw materials so the shine you have is cuticle conditioning only. I suggest redken and joico to my clients as well as some products from japan for damaged hair. If you find the hair is quite dry, I would suggest Redken all soft heavy cream, soft shot, and professional treatments from your stylist if need be. If the hair is weak try Redken extreme deep fuel as well.

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