Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hey girls .. what u think?

After i had amber highlights and brownish/ dark color, yesterday i colored my hair into habana brown... and the results got into Darker color! i bought this permanent color from Loreal F鑼卹ia... is this a good brand??

and i dye my hair my own (just to see the color i'd got) and i applied Volume Mousse from garnier and my hair is a lil rude now... soft but feels like thicker now... what can i do to get it soft/curl? by the way, my hair is long(at the half of my back layered)..... any idea??

Hey girls .. what u think?

I use to use the L'Oreal brand as well (several years ago). My stylist strongly encouraged me to stop using over the counter hair color and have it done professionally (whether at her salon or somewhere else - but just professionally). She indicated that these over the counter brands can do exactly what you are describing - build up on your hair. This affects how your hair feels and styles.

So my advice is to go to a nice salon - pay the money and have it done right. It will look great. Depending on how fast your hair grows you might only have to go a few times per year. I go 2 -3 times/year since my colorist does such a great job (I get the full head of highlights with some strands left natural - this way it as it grows out - it's not so extreme).

Good luck!

Hey girls .. what u think?

Dip your head in hot boiling water

Hey girls .. what u think?

feria is a hairstylist's nightmare cause it's pretty much impossible to get out of the hair (but at least you know it will stay- weather you want it to or not!). I would not recommend coloring your own hair because: 1) it sounds like your hair is already damaged from coloring. when you are using permanent color (the harshest) from scalp to ends every time you will end up overprocessing the ends of your hair. Permanent color should be applied to roots only.... 2) the results are very unpredictable with home haircoloring because it was not formulated specifically for YOUR hair and the result that YOU want, it was formulated for the general public. so its kinda "hit or miss"

As far as getting soft curl... do you have any natural curl? I would use a 1" to 1 1/2" curling iron ("Hot Tools" is a really good brand). pick up random pieces and alternate curling one clockwise and the other counterclockwise. Start in the middle of the piece you are curling and turn the curling iron until the ends are tucked in between the shell and the barrel of the iron. If you have any natural curl you could mix natural with curling iron curl and shake it together so they blend (it helps sometimes to leave the ends out when you curl your hair so it blends better with the natural curl)

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